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As I type this, I am a fourth-year PhD candidate knee-deep in dissertating and staring down the impending (terrible) academic job market next fall. While this website has existed for a while, I haven’t previously blogged because I wasn’t sure I had anything worth saying.

And, well, who wants to write while dissertating?

Then I thought, maybe that’s the imposter syndrome talking. I am six (SIX) years into this grad school process after all. While I still feel like I am figuring a lot of stuff out, I know there’s a lot I have learned. I also know how much time I have spent Googling classroom activities, sample syllabi, course readings, dissertation writing support, productivity/motivation/time management advice, and other resources. If I can put some of what I’ve scraped together in one place, maybe it will save someone else a few Google searches.

And, I could use a repository for all this stuff.

To be clear, I am in an English graduate program, which will be the audience for whom this content is likely most relevant. But I hope it can translate more broadly as well, especially to others in the Humanities. I’m hoping to share a bit of everything, including classroom activities and assignments that worked well (and those that didn’t), book and website recommendations, did-you-know-this-existed resources, general wisdom (?), and especially moral support.

Grad student life is tough, but we’ve got this. Are you with me?

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