Refereed Journal Articles

Hubrig, Adam, Jessica Masterson, Stevie Seibert Desjarlais, and Shari Stenberg, with Brita M. Thielen. “Disrupting Diversity Management: Toward a Difference-Driven Pedagogy.” Pedagogy, vol. 20, no. 2, Spring 2020, pp. 279-301.

Book Chapters

Thielen, Brita M. “Consuming the Past: Food Metaphors in the Intergenerational Food Memoir.” Consumption and the Literary Cookbook, edited by Roxanne Harde and Janet Wesselius, Routledge, November 2020.

Consumption and the Literary Cookbook received the 2021 South Atlantic Modern Language Association’s Book Award for an edited collection.

Course Designs

Kumari, Ashanka and Brita M. Thielen. “Writing as Inquiry: Explorations of Identity and Privilege.” Composition Studies, vol. 28, no. 3, Fall 2020.

Book Reviews

Student Misreading: Obstacle or Opportunity?” A review of The Writer in the Well: On Misreading and Rewriting Literature by Gary Weissman. Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture, vol. 19, no. 3, October 2019, pp. 575-578.


“Winter Ghosts.” Sonder Midwest, Issue 5. 3 April 2020.

“Figuration.” Lily Poetry Review, Issue 4. Summer 2020.

Creative Nonfiction

“Trump Card.” Midwest Literary Magazine. June 2011.

—. Off Season: Poetry and Fiction. Ed. Anthony Shields. The Quiet Press, 2011. 67 – 69.


Brave New Reading List: A Blog Series on Dystopian Fiction. Prairie Schooner: Blog. January – April 2015.

  • The Book of Dave.” April 15, 2015
  • Never Let Me Go.” March 30, 2015
  • Oryx and Crake.” March 18, 2015
  • The Ice People.” March 5, 2015
  • The Children of Men.” February 25, 2015
  • Brave New World.” February 18, 2015
  • The Circle.” February 9, 2015
  • The Handmaid’s Tale.” February 4, 2015
  • “A Blog Series on Dystopian Fiction.” (featuring J: a novel) January 21, 2015

Master’s Thesis

“A New Kind of Social Dreaming: Diversifying Contemporary Dystopian Fiction”. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Advisor: Amelia María de la Luz Montes